About Me

I’m a Software Engineer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I prefer people use singular they (they, them and their) for my pronouns.

I enjoy making open-source software, written largely in Kotlin. My focus at the moment is on Adopt Animals, which you can support through Patreon.

At work I focus on native mobile development, and related infrastructure, for iOS (and sometimes Android). I recently joined iZettle, and previously worked at FanDuel for around three years.

I also write blog posts about my projects, software engineering, and life in general:

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Stuff I’ve Made

I made apps for The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home showcasing the cute animals they currently have up for adoption. As far as we know, it’s one of the first of its kind in the UK! The announcement blog post has more details. Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Willow Chat is a chat related ecosystem in active development, including:

  • Thump, a Minecraft chat multiplexer with an IRC plugin made using Warren and Kale), that lets users chat with players in-game, and vice-versa
  • Warren, IRCv3 state management
  • Kale, IRCv3 parsing, serialising and helpers
  • Hopper, an IRCv3 bouncer using REST endpoints and websockets

“Bunnies as a Service” is a public API that returns bunny related resources, with a web client at bunnies.io. The loop to the right of this paragraph is provided by it - try clicking it!

Some things I used to work on include:

  • MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher
  • EnderTech, a Minecraft mod
  • Fractal Maps, my Honours project, for interactively exploring the Mandelbrot and Julia sets