About Me

I’m a Software Engineer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I prefer people use singular they (they, them and their) for my pronouns.

I enjoy making open-source software, written largely in Kotlin. They’re often chat-focused - especially IRC (you can talk to me at #carrot/irc.imaginarynet.uk).

At work I focus on native mobile development, and related infrastructure, for iOS (and sometimes Android). I’ve been working at FanDuel for around two years.

I also write blog posts about my projects, software engineering, and life in general:

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Stuff I’ve Made

Willow Chat is a chat related ecosystem in active development, including:

  • Thump, a Minecraft chat multiplexer with an IRC plugin made using Warren and Kale), that lets users chat with players in-game, and vice-versa
  • Warren, IRCv3 state management
  • Kale, IRCv3 parsing, serialising and helpers
  • Hopper, an IRCv3 bouncer using REST endpoints and websockets

“Bunnies as a Service” is a public API that returns bunny related resources, with a web client at bunnies.io. The loop to the right of this paragraph is provided by it - try clicking it!

Some things I used to work on include:

  • MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher
  • EnderTech, a Minecraft mod
  • Fractal Maps, my Honours project, for interactively exploring the Mandelbrot and Julia sets